Please email for information. Light fixtures are available by appointment.
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Blowing Sands Custom Light Fixture FAQ’s

What sizes are available?
David has made small 4” cup-sized fixtures and large 15“ across ceiling fixtures.  The most commonly ordered fixtures are pendants approximately 7” to 10”.

Can you make a matched set of fixtures?
Yes, in fact most of our orders are custom made sets.

Does Blowing Sands have hardware available? Can I use my own hardware? 
We do have limted but versitile hardware available in the store. We have worked with several local custom hardware providers with good results and are happy to get you a referal.  
If you have your own hardware: The fit of the hardware with the pendant, most specifically the size of the hole that will need to be drilled in the top of the pendant, will have to be determined.

What colors are available?
A good place to start answering this question is at our showroom light fixture sample display.  There you can see the wide range of colors that are the palette that David primarily works with.  Unlike paint, colors cannot be blended to provide a perfect color match, but with so many colors available, bringing in tile/paint samples to coordinate is certainly worthwhile!

Can I have a fixture with more or less of a pattern than a sample?
David can vary some patterns to cover a greater or lesser portion of the sample.  Some patterns can also be made to appear more dense and close-knit or more loose and scattered.

What is the “lip wrap”?
The bottom edge of the fixture can either seamlessly match the rest of the fixture or provide a bit of contrast.  “Lip wraps” along this edge can be classic black or a custom color. (Red does not provide enough compatibility and is not an available lip wrap color.)

How long will it take to get my completed light fixture?
This answer will depend on David’s current workload and his assistant’s availability.  Our average turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

What is the “optic twist” pattern?
The optic twist pattern is made by blowing the glass into an “optic mold.”  The glass is smoothed and twisted, making a distinctive swirl pattern.   Due to the extra time involved in making this pattern, these fixtures cost an additional $25.

What is a “hidden color” fixture?
David can make light fixtures with an extra “hidden color” layer.  The hidden color is dramatically revealed when the fixture is lit!  These fixtures cost an additional $25.

Do you do other custom work?
Yes! David and his assistants are experienced glass blowers and will be happy to give you a quote on your custom project. Please send querries or make an appointment to discuss your project: blowingsands@hotmail.com